Vocabulary you might need

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Vocabulary you might need

NGS – a genetic test performed on the embryos before their implantation to the Surrogate. The test verifies all of the chromosomes of the embryo and discards the ones that have any chromosomal abnormality. This way we reduce the abortion rate to a null and up the success rate.
Time of wait for the results: 3 weeks.
A couple of years ago our clinics also offered us tests which were faster and cheaper such as PGD 9 (verification of 9 pairs of chromosomes instead of 24 pairs) or PGD 5 (verification of 5 pairs of chromosomes instead of 24 pairs), but they proved themselves quite ineffective, as the embryo might have abnormality only in one chromosome which these tests might not show and result into abnormal pregnancy. So, our clinics decided to offer more effective ways of genetical testing such as NGS, and this is why include this test in most of our offers.

IVF – extracorporeal procedure called in vitro fertilization. Consists in extracting female eggs and male gametes and fertilizing the former with the latter in a lab. After such fertilization the embryos need 5 to 7 days to form.

ICSI – the most common way to select good spermatozoa for the IVF, but there are also IMSI, PICSI and Fertile chip techniques that might be offered to you in case the sperm quality is quite low.

Hysteroscopy – a procedure of analyzing the uterus of the Surrogate Mother more effectively then during an ultrasound. The procedure takes out the first layer of the uterine lining that might be affected by previous pregnancy and this gives way to a new, more receptive endometrium that will most likely implant our next embryo. We will offer it for your case after one failed embryo transfer (in case it happens).

Pessary – a way of preventing premature birth. Basically, a circle that will be put around your Surrogate´s cervix (uterine neck) to prevent it from further opening. It has proven its effectiveness over the years of our work in Surrogacy, so the only trick will be to pinpoint the moment at which the surrogate will need such an aid. And for that we have our very expensive doctors, so everything should be caught and dealt with on time.

Newborn screening – an extensive heel test for the newborn that we order in a private lab. It includes up to 60 metabolic diseases, so your baby will be completely covered.
Note that the maternities also offer a heel test for free, but this test only includes 4 diseases, and therefore quite limited.

Selective abortion (reduction) – a specific procedure that is aimed on reducing of quantity of fetuses in case after transferring 2 good embryos we develop a pregnancy with three babies.
The procedure eliminates the two fetuses that appeared out one and will create a one fetal pregnancy with low risk probability.
But be aware that a procedure like that is quite risky and can create a massive bleed which could result into a complete abortion, so we will take all the risks into account before performing this procedure.

As always, we hope that this information could help you resolve any doubt that you might have and if you need any additional data, do not hesitate to contact us,

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