Surrogacy + IVF + NGS

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Surrogacy + IVF+ NGS

Total price 45 500 EUR

Payments of the program:

14000 EURBank transferAfter signing the contracts with us
3500 EURBank transferAfter positive HCG
8000 EURBank transferAt 12th week of pregnancy
20000 EURPart by bank transfer and part in cashTrip for the birth

First part of the process includes (14000 EUR):

  • First payment to agency for program supervision until the SM gets pregnant
  • Surrogate Mother selection (1-2 candidates)
  • IVF + ICSI
  • Donor selection
  • NGS (5) embryos
  • One embryo transfer to the Surrogate Mother
  • Signing of one (1) notarial contract
  • Surrogate Mother’s reward for embryo transfer
  • Expenses of the Surrogate Mother

After positive HCG (3500 EUR):

  • 3 monthly payments for the Surrogate Mother
  • Part of the total payment to the Surrogate Mother
  • SM’s commute and additional expenses
  • First trimester pregnancy supervision plus medication

From week 12 (8000 EUR):

  • 6 monthly payments for the SM
  • Maternity clothes
  • Apartment in Kyiv from 32 week of pregnancy
  • SM’s expenses on the commute, etc.
  • Second/third trimester pregnancy supervision plus medication
  • Second payment to agency for program supervision until birth

Trip for the birth (20000 EUR):

  • Birth registration
  • Childbirth, payment to the maternity clinic
  • Notary fee
  • Total compensation of the Surrogate Mother
  • Extensive newborn screening (heel test) that includes up to 60 metabolic diseases
  • DNA (father-child)
    * The offer doesn’t cover the DNA test done at the Embassy of your country

Additional payments:

  • NGS starting from 6th embryo (450 EUR per embryo)
  • C-section (1600 EUR)
  • Pessary (400 EUR)
  • Nanny for the Surrogate’s kids (if needed)
  • Premature birth
  • Twins (5500 EUR)
  • Abortions (as to the contract with the SM)
  • Selective abortion in case of triplets (1000 EUR)
  • Hysteroscopy (500 EUR)
  • Second embryo transfer (1800 EUR)
  • Second notary contract with another SM (300 EUR)
  • Preservation of material (semen and embryos) (26 EUR per month)
  • Additional expenses of the Surrogate: varicose veins, dental, hemorrhoids
  • Apartment for Intended Parents in Ukraine (40 EUR per night)

Dear friends, we are at your disposal for any questions you may have after reading our offer.
We hope you will choose the option that suits you best and we wish you all the luck to achieve your dream as soon as possible!

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