Surrogacy + IVF + 3 embryo transfers

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Surrogacy + IVF + 3 embryo transfers

Total price 82 000 EUR

Payments of the program:

15000 EURBank transferAfter signing the contracts with us
15000 EURIn cashFirst trip to Greece to sign contracts with the Surrogate Mother, go to the court and leave a sperm sample
10000 EURBank transferThe day of the embryo transfer
5000 EURBank transferAfter the first ultrasound
10000 EURBank transferAt 12th week of pregnancy
12000 EURBank transferAt 22nd week of pregnancy
15000 EURBank transferThe day of birth

What the process includes:

  • Notary and legal services
  • Help in court
  • Matching with your future Surrogate Mother
  • Signing of legal contract with your SM
  • Donor selection as to physical characteristics that you prefer
  • Possibility of contacting us at any time during the day to talk about details of the process in case it is impossible for you to do that during our official working hours

Medical services that the process includes:

  • IVF ICSI (with guarantee of obtaining 3-4 embryos)
  • Storage of your material up till birth of your baby
  • Freezing/defreezing of the material (embryos and sperm for the three embryo transfers)
  • Hysteroscopy for the surrogate in case she needs it
  • Pessary or cervical suture for your Surrogate in case she needs it

Expenses included in the process as to the surrogacy contract:

  • Total compensation of the Surrogate Mother
  • Monthly payments
  • Payment for uterine stimulation (preparing the uterus for the ET)
  • Nanny for the Surrogate’s kids
  • Maternity clothes
  • Commute in Greece
  • Additional expenses of the surrogate: varicose veins, dental, hemorrhoids

Risks covered by the process as to the surrogacy contract:

  • Abortions
  • Uterine loss
  • Fallopian tube loss
  • COVID 19 and other respiratory infections
  • C-section

After the birth:

  • Notary and legal services after birth
  • Newborn screening (heel test)
  • Rent of the stroller, baby bath, baby bad
  • Pediatric services

Additional payments:

  • Twins (5500 EUR)
  • DNA (father + child) (1000 EUR)
  • NGS (300 EUR per embryo (no sex selecition))
  • Second IVF with the same Surrogate (6000 EUR)
  • Second IVF with the new Surrogate (including a new court) (15000 EUR)
  • Stay of the Intended Parents in Greece and commute in Greece
  • Premature birth
  • Amniocentesis (300 EUR)

Dear friends, we are at your disposal for any questions you may have after reading our offer.
We hope you will choose the option that suits you best and we wish you all the luck to achieve your dream as soon as possible!

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