Surrogacy and war in Ukraine

Young mother holding her crying baby girl

Surrogacy and war in Ukraine

Dear clients,

As you can imagine, our country is going through a complicated patch at this moment due to unwarranted russian aggression, and the year 2022 has been a real challenge for all of us. Gradually, we managed to give a good “response” to our eastern neighbor, and thus we could reestablish the equilibrium in our country and many many businesses resumed work as well as our company did.

So with that we would like to explain to you some changes that the war installed here, but also, to encourage you not to give up on coming to Ukraine, cause we understand that after seeing some disturbing news you might think that it is very unsafe for you, but the reality is different, and we, the people that live here, will make you feel as safe as possible during your stay in Ukraine, you can be very sure of that.

Normally we would ask you to come to Kyiv (which is the most covered city in the whole country). And by covered, I mean, we have a very potent air defense here, so the only thing that will be a bit new for you here is the sound of air defense working (basically it creates a potent explosion sound when liquidating a drone or a missile). Or we would ask you to come to Lviv, it is a big city near frontier with Poland. This city is also safe and the reality is that many Ukrainians decided to move there after losing their homes near the frontier with russia, so you will find it very crowded and very alive. Many clients that come to us (to Lviv or Kyiv) sometimes can not believe the normalcy that they see in these cities: people are living their lives, working, walking the streets, parks, kids everywhere. A great contrast with what they see on the TV. And that is what normal looks like here.

Of course, the war is not over, but thanks to our army, it is localized and does not present great danger to us, so you can come here whenever you need and be sure you will be ok and safe, and also always in touch with us, so we will help you with anything that you need here.

The same goes to our girls, Surrogate Mothers. We choose the ones that are living in safe and tranquil cities or villages so you do not have to be uneasy about your pregnant girl being overstressed or hurt by the influence of war. We got you as well as we got them, and you can be sure that all of you are in good hands.

And in the end of this chapter we would like to give you a lot of gratitude if your country is one of our partners who are helping us to survive this Great war, war that made many of our people homeless, fatherless, hopeless. Here we appreciate a lot any help that comes to us from other countries and we know that we are so safe and able to continue to live our lives also because of your help: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Check republic, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Great Britain, USA, and may many others. We will be eternally grateful and will never forget that!

As always, we hope that this information could help you resolve any doubt that you might have and if you need any additional data, do not hesitate to contact us,

With lots of love,
SafeSpace Surrogacy