How do we choose a surrogate/donor?

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How do we choose a surrogate/donor?

Choosing a surrogate

As experienced workers, we have quite a few parameters of choosing and matching our girls to the clients. First of all, we are looking for a 25 to 35 year old woman who has her own child/children, who is medically and psychologically fit (the medical part is determined by our doctors and the psychology part is determined by our staff), and who completely understands the program she is about to enter.

There are a few parameters of lesser importance, but nonetheless, we want the girl to reunite all of them to make the program more successful and convenient for the girl and the intended parents:

  • Positive Rh (to avoid any chance for possible Rh incompatibility with the baby). The blood group is actually not that important in this case, so only Rh is the one that matters.
  • Place of living (taking into account the military actions that are taking place on our territory, we want the girl to live in a quiet place, where she is not harmed or affected by it in any way). If we are talking about the distance from Kyiv, we try to match you with the girl that lives relatively near Kyiv (like maybe 300 km out), but this distance is not so important when you just take an overnight train and sleep all the way through the commute. So, your girl will be completely comfortable to make trips to us even if she lives 5 or 7 hours out of town.
  • Marital status (it is important for us that the girl has her family to support her, but support of a husband is considered to be more active and positively influences her physical and mental state during the pregnancy, so we prefer the girls to be married or to have a loving and stable relationship). If we are talking about legal aspects, some countries need the girls to be legally divorced or single due to registration procedure (Like Germany, Austria, Great Britain, etc.). So if your country is one of them, we will match you with the girl that is unmarried, but in a stable relationship.
  • Experience in surrogacy: a lot of Intended Parents ask us if it is important that the surrogate had experience in surrogacy. As to our experience, no, it does not make a lot of difference nor it has a great impact on the program or its outcome. There are slight differences in work with the girls that have no experience though: they rely more on the agency, they ask a lot of questions (which we consider a good thing, cause it keeps our communication vivid), they tend to check everything ten times to be sure about what medication and when to take, so all in all work with them is more intense, but sweet at the same time, cause we are trying to make her feel as comfortable and sure about everything as she can be.

And girls with experience do not need us as much in their day to day lives, but still, we have great and at the same time professional communication with them on weekly basis.

So, experience or not, you will have a great possibility to impact someone´s live as well as they will positively impact yours.

Choosing a donor

As our agency does not select donors, we normally rely on the clinic that provides our clients with IVF services. Each clinic we work with operates as to our country´s requirements on donor selection which is:

  • Hormonal testing
  • Blood testing
  • Urine testing
  • Vaginal swab testing, etc.
  • Genetics (Karyotype, Cystic fibrosis and X fragile chromosome detection)

This is how they know the girl is healthy and ready to donate.

But we also ask for the donor to have positive experience in donation (having donated with a viable pregnancy outcome) and have healthy kids.

With all that before sending you profiles of possible candidates we ask you about your preferences for the girl (physical preferences): hair color, blood type, eye color, height, weight, etc.

This is how matching is done: you provide us with these criteria and we try to select the most suitable girls for you.

You will receive a document that we call a profile: it will contain girl´s photos and basic information about her, her life and previous donations.

We sincerely hope all this information was helpful to you and we encourage you to contact us to know more or to resolve any doubts that this information might have generated.

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