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Frequently Asked Questions

How many trips to Ukraine do we have to make?

Ideally 2: first one to sign the documents, meet us and your doctor, and give a sperm sample for freezing (3-4 days). Second one is for the birth: we will ask you to come at week 39 of pregnancy (the duration of this trip depends on your consulate, but all in all around 10 days starting from the day of the birth).

If you prefer not to make the first trip, but to send us the sperm sample, no problem. In this case you will have to make one trip to Ukraine, for the birth.

How do I get to Kyiv or Lviv during war?

Flight to Poland and a direct train to us.

How long from the start till we get our baby?

The fastest program that we had was around 11 months, and the slowest around 3 years, so I would take the golden mean: around 1,5 years.

Is it ok if our sperm sample is not perfect?

Of course. We rarely work with perfect sperm, and we try to make the best of what we can with the material we receive, so if your sperm sample is not that great, we might use additional sperm selection technique such as PICSI, IMSI, Fertile chip, etc. The doctor recommends us on what to choose after receiving your spermogram.

How many ultrasounds will we get during the pregnancy?

4 in the first trimester (no videos here).

3 in the second (will start to receive videos, and even in 3D in case the baby is lying with its face visible).

2-3 in the third (same as second trimester).

Can I ask for additional tests, ultrasounds or check-ups in case I want it?

Of course. We will make additional ultrasounds free of charge in case you want to discard some problem, but if you just want to have an additional video, we might ask you to pay for it

Do we get to see our baby born?

If the labor is going well and the doctor considers it appropriate, she might give you a green light to come to the delivery room and even cut the umbilical cord. This possibility will be offered only to the Intended Mother, as the presence of the Intended Father there might be a bit uncomfortable for your Surrogate Mother.

Are we staying in the hospital after the labor with our child?

Yes, you will live in the hospital for three days with your newborn and receive all kinds of tips form our nurses and doctors on how to take care about the baby, feed them, burp them, etc.

What procedures the doctors do on the baby after it´s born?

First of all they will make an Apgar test to assess baby´s breathing, and level of adaptation to new surroundings. After that they will take some blood for analyses, make the injection of vitamin K and see if the baby has his hearing intact. The day of the discharge we make to heel test and avoid any vaccination here, as you will be doing it in your country after you come back home.

Do I need to come to Ukraine with a baby stroller?

No, we will provide you with a stroller, baby bath and baby cradle.

Do we have to do DNA test?

If your Consulate asks for DNA, then yes. If it does not, then we will advice you to do it just in case in a private lab

Do I get a pediatrician after the discharge from the maternity?

Yes, she will come to you in 3 days after the discharge and will be in touch when it is needed

Who do I call in case my baby gets sick during the night?

Call your manager that will be in touch with you when it is needed. She will call you a taxi to go to the clinic or an ambulance to go the hospital

As always, hope that information helps you on your way of deciding, choosing and comparing and should you have any additional questions, please, tell us, and we will add them to our humble list it more effective and informative.

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