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Who we are

Dear client,

My name is Elena, I am the founder of this new, but full of initiative company and that I would like to share with you about. My experience in the field of surrogacy began in 2013, when I started working in a surrogacy company as a translator and up to becoming a director of the department working with foreign clients. It has been very hard work, but I have found it to be eye-opening, exciting and very rewarding. I have always felt that I was part of something very important, necessary, useful, and that is why I always tried to do my best to leave a very warm and tender impression in the souls of each of my clients.

Now I feel that with all this experience that I and my precious colleagues have lived, we can offer you a new vision in surrogacy, a totally open and clear vision to create a miraculous and safe adventure for any client who needs it, and that is what we want to create in SafeSpace.

In some countries it is said that surrogacy exploits women: our experience cannot confirm that. Surrogacy is an Art, an art of creating families and family bonds that cannot be erased with time. In the hands of wise people, whose motive is not only to make money, but also to understand, support, listen and help, every step of the way becomes an open dialogue that lasts throughout the process and creates a sense of total trust and peace of mind, and this is something we hope to have with all our clients.

We will not promise you unbelievable success rates or tell you that you will have a quick and easy path. We are well aware that this is impossible to promise, much less to deliver. What we can promise you is that no matter the time, no matter the number of attempts, we will succeed and we will achieve it; we will obtain a progressive pregnancy, we will carry it very diligently till the birth and at the end we will meet again here, in our beautiful country, for the that emotional and so desired journey: the journey of childbirth.

We will take you for a walk to see and talk to your Surrogate, we will answer hundreds of necessary questions, we will accompany you in the maternity and you will finally be able to hold your child, at last….

We can promise you that our priority will always be a balanced relationship between you and your Surrogate so that all three of you would feel supported, guided, reassured and informed at all times, and that is what we want to have: a small company with clients and Surrogate Mothers treated as family. Just like that, no misunderstandings, no uncertainties and no inefficiencies.

Wishing you all luck of the world,

As always, with warmth,
SafeSpace Surrogacy

Our Team

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Elena Ponomarenko
Head of the Agency
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Oleksandr Sikailo
Sabina, the translator of the agency
Anastasiia, the manager of the agency

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We are always ready and happy to assist and help you to achieve this beautiful goal of becoming parents.