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International Surrogacy Agency

SafeSpace Surrogacy

The company created to convert your experience in surrogacy into something light and comfortable.

We are a new and ambitious company created by professionals with years of experience to change your fears and anxieties into tranquility and confidence in every step of the way.

Why chose working with us

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We strive to create a healthy atmosphere of work with each client which requires a truthful and detailed interaction about the program they want to enter and the risks it might imply. We offer moral and emotional support at any stage of the process

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We will provide you with the translations of all the analyses and scans of your baby during the pregnancy (including the original reports if needed)

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Your program will be run by the head of the agency which means you will not find yourself in a middle of a staff change working with a new manager that would hardly be able to assist you

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We are searching to propel equilibrium in client-surrogate relationship which means to create an atmosphere where the surrogate will be feeling as safe and protected as you

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You will  be able to stay in touch directly with your surrogate mother. This approach gives both parties sense of support and creates a great friendship during the process

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Your registration of birth will be held by our experienced lawyers that will provide you with necessary legal aid in Ukraine and after you are at home

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SafeSpace Surrogacy

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We are always ready and happy to assist and help you to achieve this beautiful goal of becoming parents.